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Beard Care Products
Nikolas B David
Beard Care Products

  A rich luxurious collection of vegan beard care products, made from only the best raw ingredients, hand mixed and small batched to perfection for your epic face mane.

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We use the finest ingredients

We create our Beard Oil with only the finest ingredients and develop our brand responsibly.


Our Beard Oil is innovative in the fact that we are the first to innovate;

  • Three weights of Beard Oil for every type of beard and every texture of beard hair. 


Learn why our beard care products are top notch and "How To Beard Responsibly.™"

Great Product at 
a fair price

By creating an amazing product and doing so responsibly, we also take into account making sure our products are top notch but also mindful of our clients budgets.  


Being a proud black and veteran owned small business we are introducing to the world...



This is our newest and hottest scent that we are proud to introduce.  There are so many reasons that set this scent apart from out other scents but to keep it simple, this scent is one that is a labor of love not profit.  What does that mean?  well for every dollar we make on this scent, we are going to at the end of each fiscal quarter give 50% to our choice of individual or organization that is fighting for equality and civil rights.  If you would like to read more about this scent and about how you can contribute click below.