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Are you a man on the go but still 

concerned about making sure that

your beard is always on point?

Hydration spray is the only way

to go.  Gives your beard that rich

luxurious glisten and healthy glow.

ingredients & Benefits

We pride ourselves in being a strictly Vegan product, We don't test on animals, We don't use animal byproducts, We maintain a Pure product base.

Jojoba Oil-  Promotes growth,unclogs hair follicles, and soothes skin.  Moisturizes skin, hypo allergenic, prevents razor burn, promotes skin and hair health, contains Vitamin E, B complex, helps fight fungus and infection.

Distilled WaterFree of contaminants, no pollutants, FREE of germs and bacteria, helps to promote perfect complexion.

FragranceLightly Fragranced.

Avocado OilHelps to prevent against dry flaky skin, excellent moisturizer, fights against dandruff, improve the structure of your existing hair, while also promoting growth of new hair, provides a protective covering to hair follicles, helps to prevent moisture loss due to wind and harsh climates.

Tropical Leaves
How To Apply

  Nikolas B David Beard Hydration Spray is unlike any other hydration spray on the market because of one thing...

Thoughtfully chosen ingredients free of chemicals, hand mixed and small batched.

When applying your Beard Hydration Spray its very simple, even the busiest man has no excuse for not having the time to use it.

  • Step One- Spray 3-6 pumps onto your dry beard that is hungry for moisture.  No matter how busy your are you have 10 seconds to spare don't give lame excuses.

  • Step Two- Watch me work...  either rub in or comb in while you are on the go and let it do the rest.  You'll thank me later trust...  When every female or male notices the glisten and glow of your beard it will be game over for all the haters.

  Regardless the length of beard, the texture of beard or type of facial hair that grows on that manly face of yours, you need our Beard Hydration Spray to soften, de-tangle, otherwise just improve the sexiness of that face mane so that the ladies won't assume you just came form the Sahara desert . 


Almond Oil-  Helps to prevent against UV radiation damage, keeps skin soft and supple, helps fight against acne due to Vitamin A content, helps fight against aging spots.  Also is a natural remedy for psoriasis and eczema.

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What you won't get
  • Alcohols                 

  • Parabens          

  • Animal Byproducts       

  • phthalates      

  • Glutens

  • Formaldehyde

  • Preservatives

  • Soy

  • Sulfates

  • Products tested on animals

  • Inflated prices

Tropical Leaves