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How To Beard Responsibly™

Bearding Responsibly is important and we have an all vegan, luxurious line of beard care products that are made of only the best raw ingredients.  These products help you to maintain healthy beard hair as well as maintain healthy skin.  Our system of bearding responsibly is tested and proven to work.

   1.  After washing your beard make sure to dry your beard thoroughly.

   2.  Pour the necessary amount of beard oil into your hand.  We have our Tri-Weight system of beard oil that caters to every texture, length and thickness of beard.  The three weights of oil offered; beard oil helps to soften the beard hair, as well as helps to battle any skin issues under the hair that may pop up.  It also helps to keep your beard hair strong and healthy.

  • Light Weight- for shorter facial hair such as a goatee or shortly trimmed beard or mustache. (requires roughly a quarter size amount of oil)

  • Middle Weight- for medium length slightly thicker, fuller beards. (requires roughly a silver dollar amount or so of oil)

  • Heavy Weight- for the epic ass beards that the ladies go wild over. (requires roughly a silver dollar amount or more of oil)​​

   3.  Massage the oil into your beard thoroughly and fully so that it gets massaged deep into hair and fully onto your skin.

   4.  Next take your "Bush Tamer" Beard Comb and comb the oil into your hair further so that you fully saturate it as deep as possible.

   5.  Now give your beard about 20 minutes to sit and let the oil sink in.

   6.  Beard Balm is a secondary product to the beard oil because beard balm in its essence is to protect the hair from outside factors that can damage the hair and make it dry and brittle (water, heat, sun).  You can use beard balm to also style your longer beard hair to make sure the hair stays laid down.  We suggest that you utilize both the oil and balm. 

   7.  Get about a quarter to silver dollar size amount of balm in the palm of your hand.  Next rub your hands together to turn the balm from a solid into a liquid which will happen with body heat.

   8.  Now apply your balm to your beard.

   9.  Now take your "Bush Tamer" Beard Brush and brush down the fly away hairs and use the brush to further shape and style your beard.

  Its important to use both the oil and the balm in conjunction to fully treat your beard hair.  The oil helps to soften your beard hair and to also help condition your skin and to treat irritation.  The balm helps to protect from external sources of damage such as sun damage and or water damage.