How did nikolas b david get started...

   I never initially thought of creating this product to start up a brand, I just wanted to have a beard oil that I could use for my terribly sensitive skin.  Over the years I tried every beard oil brand to be found in stores and all I got was irritated skin.  So I researched how to create a vegan beard oil and after a lot of trial and error I got it right.  The beard oil worked really well even with skin as Bi-polar as mine.  I noticed that it helped my beard grow faster, thicker and healthier, it also gave my skin a very moisture enriched feel.  Plus I loved the scent.  I let my bearded friends try out the oil and they also really liked the fragrance as well as how it helped their beards grow healthier and fuller.  I have always been inspired by that classic old school style that you used to see in barber shop circles in the 40's and 50's and that was what inspired my brands look.

   I truly want to share the benefits of my brand with you and am  grateful to all the followers and all the fans of my brand and products.  I am happy to be able to share my passion for beard culture with you as well.  

Our Mission

  Our goal as a brand is to contribute to the betterment of beards everywhere with our Beard Responsibly™ slogan as our mantra.  We also strive to educate people (men and women) more on beard and facial hair maintenance and how important it is.  It's equally important for us to educate people on what types of products to use and not to use. 


  We are in the business of men's health and want to bring awareness to all types of health issues that men might face.  We fully show support for the "Movember Foundation" who leads in men's health awareness. 


  One thing that sets Nikolas B David apart from other beard oil brands is our goal to not only grow as a brand but to remain a more personal boutique style brand.  We strive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to beard trends as well as men's styles, but we also know how important it is to stay ever changing and evolving with changing times. 


  We hope to educate you as our loyal customers and followers as to how to "Beard Responsibly™ as well as continue to bring you the highest quality product possible. 

  If you would like to join our Beard Responsibly™ Movement scroll to the bottom of the page and join. 

  Currently located inside a store front space in L'enfant Plaza in Washington DC.  "Pop Local" in Suite 600 across from CVS.  Pop Local is also an amazing, cutting edge and very well planned store that is locally owned and operated and filled with other amazing locally owned brands.  

  Stop by and Re-up on your beard regimen.  Beard Responsibly™ with our top notch products.

  We are looking for brand ambassadors as well as retail ambassadors that are motivated to make money and to spread the word about Nikolas B David in the streets as well as on social media.  To learn more about becoming a brand ambassador...


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