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  A fluffy light amazing butter creation that helps to soften, condition and straight up completes your beard care regimen perfectly.  

Mango Butter-  Helps to moisturize your hair, gives hair a natural soft feel and a shiny look.

Cocoa Butter-  If you are trying to let your hair grow, cocoa butter will help you keep your hair healthy and soft in the process. Much like coconut oil, cocoa butter has healing and softening properties that will make your hair healthy and shiny

Shea Butter-  Helps repair damaged hair, helps protect hair from harsh weather conditions and harmful free radicals in the air and water. Helps to prevent hair loss and helps hair to grow thicker. Treats split ends and breakage. 

Jojoba Oil-  Promotes growth,unclogs hair follicles, and soothes skin.  Moisturizes skin, hypo allergenic, prevents razor burn, promotes skin and hair health, contains Vitamin E, B complex, helps fight fungus and infection.

Argan Oil-  Helps nourish skin and hair, fights against rashes, helps remedy acne.  Rich in Vitamin A, E and is packed with anti-oxidants, helps to boost cell production, helps tone your skin, exfoliates your skin, helps prevent razor burn. 

Hemp Oil-  Prevents too much water from being absorbed by hair.  Helps to prevent the penetration of damaging substances into hair follicles.  Prevents hair breakage by enhancing lubrication of the shaft.  Prevents hair breakage by reducing the combing force of wet hair.

Beard Butter

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    If you have any event, please be sure to give yourself and us enough time to proof, approve, create, and ship to you.  I highly recommend 8-10 weeks before the event.


    all sales are final for any customized items

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