We chose to make a brand new scent with a brand new label, a label that isn’t about Nikolas B David, but its about what we stand for and what this campaign is all about.


   The custom scent that we created we created with extreme care, when you smell it the scent screams power, it screams to be 
 heard, and is equal to no other scent.  


   I felt that having a scent and a label that has no equal and that has no other product that can match it was as powerful as the fact that            - Justice - should have no equal, it should not be able to be compared to anything else.  


- Justice - is powerful...

In that vein help - Justice - be just that. Powerful.....  


How do we accomplish that? We are going to help accomplish this goal by donating 50% of all the net proceeds from the sales of - Justice - to a combination of organizations and a variety of selected individuals that are supporting the cause that we hold dearest.  This is not only our way to show our support but it can 
also include you.  


Where is the rest going? The remaining 50% will be going towards labor and materials so that we can continue to donate to worthy causes.  


This is a labor of love and not a labor to get rich...

Donations will be given out each quarter to allow us to amass as much funding as we can to offer as much assistance as possible across a variety of organizations and activists.

We fight every day towards real and meaningful societal change.  As a small Black and Veteran 
Owned company we stand and fight for the kind of change that is evident in legislation, in how communities of color are policed, how our LGBTQ tribe is treated, and in how those that are in low income and poor neighborhoods receive equity in resources.

Help us in supporting our march towards gaining - Justice - for all.


Justice has a unique scent;

Made of the same ingredients as our other beard oil scents just with a new scent that will dominate teh market.

Justice Beard Oil

SKU: 2oz-oil-justice
  • The Tri-Weight Beard Oil System Expained:
    Light Weight Beard Oil: Created with the shorter groomed beard or goatee in mind.  Light weight sits mostly on the surface of the hair.  A small amount of oil is needed to keep the hair soft and the skin moisturized.

    Middle Weight Beard Oil: For longer, thicker beards that need a bit of additional maintenance.  Medium weight gets more into the skin and penetrates the hair a bit more, it will lock onto your beard more effectively; moisturizing your skin and softening your beard.

    Heavy Weight Beard Oil: For the epic beard; longer length, extremely full, thick and/or course. Heavy weight penetrates fully and gets into the skin of even the longest most burly beard, designed to be more effective at keeping the skin moist and the beard soft.

  • Contact Us with any questions or if you would like to customize for an event.


    If you have any event, please be sure to give yourself and us enough time to proof, approve, create, and ship to you.  I highly recommend 8-10 weeks before the event.


    all sales are final for any customized items

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