"Katana" Straight Blade

SKU: 364115376135191

  When its time to mow that over grown edge up line back, treat your epic ass beard to only the best... It's made of high quality materials.

  • Made out of Japanese stainless steel.               

  • Weighted blade (weighs 8 ounces).           

  • Steel tension nut to help keep the action in the blade tightened to your preference.

  • Includes Custom formed and plush lined box to house your Blade.

  • Includes 5 Double sided Gillette blades which equals 10 (each side is good for 20 Shaves at least).

After use store in custom box that is included with your straight blade.  Make sure to wipe down the blade of any excess hair so that there is no build up that can corrode the blade.

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