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Re-Up Note:  Attention to all my long time legacy clients, Nikolas B David is no longer offering the 3 ounce bottles or refill sizes.  We will only offer 1 ounce, 2 ounce, and 4 ounce refill sizes.


Let's work as a team to minimize the amount of waste that goes into our landfills.  We would love for you to keep your original glass bottles with droppers as they are the best option for reusage.  When you find that you are running low or have simply run out of your favorite beard oil, you can keep your glass container and order a refill.


Here is how it works:

  • Become a site member 
  • Recive your 50%OFF refill code
  • Place your order for your refill of beard oil
  • At check out enter your code


Have you orderded/purchased before? As of February 16, 2020 only website members who have recieved their refill codes will b able to take advantage of the 50%OFF discount or otherwise you will pay full price.  If you haven't become a member yet join now!


The temp refill containers are not for long term storage, please transfer the beard oil to your NBD frosted glass bottles as soon as possible to prevent spoilage of your beard oil. 

The Re-Up

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  • The Tri-Weight Beard Oil System Expained:
    Light Weight Beard Oil: Created with the shorter groomed beard or goatee in mind.  Light weight sits mostly on the surface of the hair.  A small amount of oil is needed to keep the hair soft and the skin moisturized.

    Middle Weight Beard Oil: For longer, thicker beards that need a bit of additional maintenance.  Medium weight gets more into the skin and penetrates the hair a bit more, it will lock onto your beard more effectively; moisturizing your skin and softening your beard.

    Heavy Weight Beard Oil: For the epic beard; longer length, extremely full, thick and/or course. Heavy weight penetrates fully and gets into the skin of even the longest most burly beard, designed to be more effective at keeping the skin moist and the beard soft.

  • Contact Us with any questions or if you would like to customize for an event.


    If you have any event, please be sure to give yourself and us enough time to proof, approve, create, and ship to you.  I highly recommend 8-10 weeks before the event.


    all sales are final for any customized items

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