Let's face it, sometimes it is easier to have a pre-built kit for your 'bearded love' especially when they are starting on their Beard God journey.  The Thirst Trap Lite is one of five (5) kits that Nikolas B David offers to take the madness out of beard gift giving. 



  • 4oz beard oil (select your scent and weight)
  • 1 Bush Tamer Brush
  • 1 Bush Tamer Comb


All images are to assist with a visual only, the finished product and any applicable design placement may vary.

Thirst Trap Lite Kit

SKU: kit-thirsttraplite
  • The Tri-Weight Beard Oil System Expained:
    Light Weight Beard Oil: Created with the shorter groomed beard or goatee in mind.  Light weight sits mostly on the surface of the hair.  A small amount of oil is needed to keep the hair soft and the skin moisturized.

    Middle Weight Beard Oil: For longer, thicker beards that need a bit of additional maintenance.  Medium weight gets more into the skin and penetrates the hair a bit more, it will lock onto your beard more effectively; moisturizing your skin and s