Lather your skin in opulence...

Full of nourishing ingredients that cover you with a silky smooth and full lather.   Treat your skin to luxury.

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ingredients & Benefits

We pride ourselves in being a strictly Vegan product, We don't test on animals, We don't use animal byproducts, We maintain a Pure product base.

Hemp Seed Oil-  A gently cleansing oil great for sensitive skin, naturally moisturizing, contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that help fight against aging.  Helps to repair and heal your skin.

Palm Oil-  A great lathering agent, helps to restore hydration to dry skin, seals in moisture, great for sensitive skin.  Helps nourish areas afflicted by eczema, psoriasis and stretch marks.

Coconut Oil-  An excellent moisturizer for your skin, helps to remove dead skin cells, helps remove dirt away from the body, reduces acne, helps to firm your skin and give you a younger look.  Rich in anti oxidants as well.

Rice Bran Oil-  Rich in vitamin E as well as rich in anti oxidants, great for moisturizing skin, perfect for sensitive and mature skin.

Sweet Almond Oil-  Produces a rich conditioning lather, also high in vitamin E, A, D.  High in Oleic and linoeic fatty acids, perfect for soothing dry, flaky irritated skin.  Great for rashes, eczema, psoriasis. 

Castor Oil-  Creates a stable lather that is dense and creamy.  Moisturizes skin, absorbs really well into your skin delivering all the nutrients exactly where you need it the most.  A big benefit for some of people is that castor oil will also help reduce pigmentation helping to even out the skins pigment.

What you won't get
  • Alcohols                 

  • Parabens          

  • Animal Byproducts       

  • phthalates      

  • Glutens

  • Formaldehyde

  • Preservatives

  • Soy

  • Sulfates

  • Products tested on animals

  • Inflated prices

How To Apply

  Nikolas B David "Savon" is unlike any other soap on the market because of one thing...

Thoughtfully chosen ingredients free of chemicals, hand made, small batched and each and every bar has a different look to it making it distinctly unique.

Our "Savon" has a rich luxurious yet easy to achieve lather.  It is not a lather that stays greasy on the hand or on your body, yet the soap soaks into your skin nicely.

The Scent:

Inspired by my home town, the Willamette Valley was a whirlwind of fragrances, from roses to pine trees to wild flowers.  There was a spot along the Willamette River called the "Rose Garden" where they had row upon row of beautiful rose bushes and a number of other flowers.  Almost dead center in the garden was a huge 100 year old oak tree.  

You always had so many fragrances flying through the air in the summer time, which was and still is my favorite time of year.  But as soon as you got close to the "Rose Garden" and the Willamette River you always smelled the fresh scents of roses, flowers and fresh air. 

Fragrance-  "Willamette Valley"  A breathe of fresh air.  Subtle yet light as a spring day.

Scent Notes;

sparkling sea spray, casaba melon, plantains, exotic dark berries, evening primrose, soft vanilla, petals of night blooming jasmine, and a base of musk.

Tropical Leaves