Wholesale Program

Criteria for Wholesale Account Approval/Activation


• Must be a valid business either as a brick and mortar retail shop, or tattoo / barber / salon shop.

• A valid Tax ID / Resellers license where required by law

• A valid email address and phone number.


• Must have a registered private eCommerce domain / URL for your shop (www.yourshopname.com).

• We do not authorize any Amazon, Facebook, Instagram retailers or sales. You may use social media to promote the brand in your shop, new arrivals, etc. but NO TRANSACTIONS are able to take place via social media. If your only online outlets are those choices, you will not be activated.

All online retailers must either match or exceed our current online pricing.  You are not allowed to sell for less than our posted pricing.  Short term sales are allowed for holidays.


• This is not an automated process. We review each application individually prior to activation so simply submitting an application for an account does not guarantee instant activation.

• We reserve the right to deactivate any account at any time if we feel the information provided was misleading, falsified, or the terms of service were violated.

• Active wholesale accounts are not authorized to resell our merchandise to other retail outlets or act as agents on our behalf.

Your application has been submitted. Beard Responsibly